This old technique of 5 exercises, so-called “rits”, comes from the Tibetan monks from the monastery. It has amazing effects for your mind, body, soul and spirit. Regular exercise leads to balance of physical and mental strength. In particular, it improves the body’s elasticity, deepens breathing, relieves back pain, joints, helps with stress, improves circulation functions, and normalizes the production of hormones of the endocrine glands.

Exercises also harmonize chakras. We have 7 main energy centers in the body, which we call chakras. Each of the chakras has a relationship to some internal secretion gland and thus directly affects the production of these hormones. The first, the basic chakra is associated with the sex glands, the second with the adrenal glands, the third so-called solar plexus with the pancreas, the fourth, the heart chakra is connected with the heart, the fifth with the thymus, the sixth chakra, so called the third eye with the pituitary and the seventh, the crown chakra is associated with the pineal gland. If something is wrong, the chakras spin more slowly and at a different pace. By practicing 5 Tibetans you harmonize the flow of these chakras.

The best way to practice this exercise is daily, at the same time, at the same place, and have a ritual, but of course, if it is not possible, adjust the exercise accordingly. Practice min. 3x, max. 21x. train slowly and concentrate, exercises are not on speed but on endurance. It is important to harmonize your breath with exercise. At the beginning of the exercise, breathe in, and when you return to the base position, slowly breathe out.

A private lesson of 5 Tibetans divided into 5 lessons – 2,500 CZK.