I have international certification at the Australian-American Neuroleadership Institute, as the case may be Neuroleadership Group here in the Czech Republic and in my work, I am using Results Coaching System from Dr. David Rock. My way to the dreams, goals and strategies, preferably by Kaizen method is roofed by this neuroscientific system.

Let’s smash together the inner barriers, overcome our thoughts and seek out our life´s mission. We are all unique creatures who have their mission in life.

But how I can find my life´s mission? How can I persevere with the goal I have identified and did not give up under the first hurdle? What is my real purpose of life?

These are questions which we ask ourselves several times in our life. But do we also find answers of this questions? You can try that home, by yourselves; Stop for a while and try to find the answers of these questions.

I do not waste your time, so we will work immediately. I offer the first 30 min. free of charge as an example of my work. If you won´t be satisfy with the course or we will find that energy does not allow us to continue, we will stop the meeting and I will not charge you anything.

I work with the technique of “Results Coaching System”, where you work on yourself intensively for 3 months. I can give you something from myself and you create new habits.