Veronica has earned me a fate. I have enrolled in one program for students who offered coaching. I was very lucky to be given such a nice coach. I particularly appreciate her experiences and successes that suggest she is a capable woman and I am very sympathetic to her approach to life and the courage to live the way she feels to live.

I enjoyed being besides coaching giving me recommendations on books that somehow related to the topics we talked about, and she also provided me with other techniques that I worked with and helped to clarify my priorities (round of balance, test of strong qualities , Johari’s window, …). Our calls have never been impersonal, we’ve always spoken a few words about things other than coaching. It was also pleasant because it did not create any barrier or feeling of different positions.

As far as my work is concerned, Veronica certainly has a great share in the progress I have made in some areas of my life. As I mentioned, she is very kind and friendly, and my role in my pursuit of what I have determined was that I wanted to enjoy not only myself, but also her. So the site was beautiful. For the time I was accompanying myself, I formed a habit of regular exercise. I also realized, through the interviews with Veronica, the facts that led me to reconsider the view of some of my troubles and managed to overcome them. As a very valuable one, I value the summaries of each coaching and also the formulation of the idea that I take away from that lesson. This is very useful for clarifying my own feelings, and I also wonder what lessons I have formulated myself, and how it has been beneficial to me. The approach Veronika used to coaching me was rather non-direct, and, as I mentioned earlier, very helpful. That suits me.

Hanka Š.

I am not too much of a supporter of references, however, with regard to Ms. Petrova, I have to make an exception and warmly recommend it. Coaching has gone well beyond my expectations, and I really do not regret the amount of money and time I have put in these meetings. Ms. Petrova is not just a coach who will lead you to a goal or a dream, but especially a wonderful person who can uncover and mobilize the inner forces for better performance.

Aleš L.

Veronika helped me to move on in my life (personal and professional), realizing that I am the only one who cares and who decides and directs oneself. She showed me that each goal can be achieved gradually and that all you have to do is just believe in yourself, get out of your comfort zone and do not solve what the others think about it. Big THANK YOU for everything and hope that our paths will come again one day.

Mirka Š.